Ryan Family Amusements, Inc.

After looking carefully at several different accounting software packages, I decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics.  I can say to this day it was probably my best business decision ever.  I use Quick Books at times with accounting clients who use this product day to day to run their businesses and it does not compare to the software functionality, security, and depth of Dynamics.  For the extra cost up front for Dynamics it is worth it tenfold for me by giving me the tools and confidence to make the educated decisions we need in our business to stay successful every day. 

 I have been working with Mike and Data Source, Inc. for over ten years.  My original introduction to DSi came about because our 40 year old company was in need of new hardware and more importantly new software.  Mike facilitated those needs easily and thoroughly with great respect for my concern for software detail, security, and customization.  During this time, DSi has always addressed my data concerns and troubleshooting with the utmost of compassion and expediency.