Davidson Hubeny Brands

Several years ago we were exceedingly frustrated with the cost and time inefficiencies of having our IT and Software handled by two separate entities, so we looked for a company that could handle both.  After extensively interviewing 5 companies we concluded Data Source, Inc. was the solution to our problem.  Working with DSi has addressed those frustrations and affords us piece of mind. 

 As a small business with big customers, our requirements for IT are not complicated but they are vast; EDI, customized Dynamics GP needs, backup & recovery, disaster recovery, after hours maintenance and 99.9% uptime.   We know that when we call them, including calls for “what if …” discussions and future development, the right person to resolve the problem will be available for our needs.   DSi has the depth of bench for our IT, software, and development needs, which has contributed to DHB maintaining our competitive edge and allowed us to forge through barriers to entry in our industry.