DSi offers support on all of our business solutions software, as well as, IT support.  Our ability to  address both can save an organization considerable time, effort and funds. If you are currently dealing with one company to handle your software needs and then another for your IT needs, have you ever run into a problem, made a call to the company that you thought was supposed to address it, waited for the scheduled technician or consultant to come out only to have them say that it’s  “the other guys problem”?  Then had to call “the other guy” and then wait for “the other guy” to show up?  Depending on the magnitude of your problem, that process could mean a whole lot of unnecessary downtime.  Or have you ever been caught between the crosshairs of trying to coordinate the schedules of two separate entities, to complete one common goal project?   Why waste the effort?  With DSi you only have to make one call and you are guaranteed that the right person will show up to address your problem(s).

DSi can also provide support in the form of managed services, for both your software and hardware related contracts.


DSi offers training on the following:

Microsoft Dynamics GP   •   Microsoft Dynamics CRM   •   Microsoft FRx   •   Passport Business Solutions   •   Microsoft Forecaster   •   IT Processes   •  IT Security 

Training can be held on-site at your facility, here at DSi, or online via a webinar.  Training is not limited to the above.  Please let us know what your training needs are and we will be happy to let you know how we can assist you.  On the off-chance that we cannot meet your needs, we will be happy to refer you to a resource that can.