Product Related IT Services

Microsoft Dynamics Related IT Services

DSi offers the following Microsoft Dynamics IT related services:

Customizations • Implementations • Integrations • Upgrades • Managed Services  

With all of the above, we engage with our clients via a consultative, diagnostic approach.  This does not take much time and it allows us to accurately establish the full scope of our client’s unique needs and challenges.  The information gathered not only allows us to determine the best solution(s) possible but also allows DSi to provide clear expections regarding fullfillment and delivery to the client.

With over 30 years of combined Dynamics experience, you can rely on the DSi team to see that your Microsoft Dynamics related IT needs are executed in a timely and cost efficient manner. 

IT Services

No singular individual can know all there is to know about all aspects of IT.  DSi offers their clients a knowledgeable team, with over 110 years of collective experience and training, so regardless of a client’s specific business, DSi has the ability to determine what the client truly needs and the capabilities to see that those needs are fully addressed, via the most cost and time efficient means.

DSi offers the below IT services in whatever capacity that suits your needs; as a consultant for you and your IT team, a project manager to oversee your IT team, or as a part, or full-time, fully outsourced asset, i.e.; require round the clock coverage for your system but only have a 9-5 staff?  DSi can help!

Assessments / Audits, Network Design, Wireless Networking & Virtualization

Having the wrong IT system/network, or even the right IT system/network, not fully optimized and/or utilized, will detrimentally impact an entity’s bottom line.  Typically small businesses do not employ a staff with a broad enough scope of experience and knowledge to ensure that they’ve got the right system.  Even when they’ve got the right stuff in place, 9 times out of 10, it’s not being used to its optimal potential, which can lead to overspending, on unnecessary equipment and staff.

After a brief, comprehensive evaluation of your current processes and system(s), DSi can provide you with a proposal on how to improve your current IT system/network.  You can elect to have DSi make whatever changes that you choose to execute, or you can have your in-house IT staff make them.      

Migrations & Upgrades

Many companies could realize immense benefits by switching from their old cumbersome processes to more comprehensive, up-to-date offerings.  Unfortunately, many also think that migrating their data to a new solution, or upgrading their software, will be exceedingly difficult, time consumming and costly, so the idea of change, regardless of how beneficial, becomes overwhelming.

The DSi team understands this and focuses on making migrations and upgrades as pain free and cost effective, as possible for all parties involved.  This focus also allows our clients to attain a faster ROI from their project(s).

Security / Compliance Audits

Here is an area that has seen many changes over the past several years.  Did you know that MA 201 CMR 17 Compliance Requirements should have been met by 03/01/2010 and that the penalties for not being compliant could include;

Facing such penalties could potentially be damaging enough to close a business' doors.  DSi can audit your company for compliance, as well as, assist you with making the right changes to maintain compliance.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Hopefully, if you are contacting DSi for assistance with data recovery, you already have a great backup system in place because the truth regarding lost data is; once lost, data that was not backed up properly, is exceedingly difficult and costly, if not impossible, to retrieve and restore. 

Sadly, many small to medium sized businesses tend to neglect the importance of a good backup system but isn't their data just as important to them as it is to a large company?  Regardless of the size of the business, or amount of data, it is always more costly to try to recover data from scratch, than it is from a backup system. 

Your backup system, on a daily basis should be like Clark Kent - simple, unassuming but consistently getting the job done and then in a crisis be like Superman - capable of saving the day when all else has failed.  If you suspect that your current backup system may not be the super hero you thought, or you currently don’t have a backup system, then let DSi provide you with a comprehensive backup solution, that meets your budget and needs.  

If you have already lost data, please contact us.  We will diligently work with you in an attempt to recover and restore your data as completely as possible. 

Managed Services

Did you know that millions of dollars a year are spent on lapsed service contract fees and reinstatement fees alone?  Yes - vendors can and sometimes will hit you up for both.  And that countless other funds are lost due to interrupted work flow resulting from non-compliance of service contracts and/or incorrect user counts of software programs, on hard stop programs?  

If you are having a hard time staying on top of your annual maintenance contracts, then why not let DSi handle that for you?  We will be happy to keep you on track, on time and more importantly help you maintain an uninterrupted flow of business.