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May 30, 2012

User Preference

On the Home page the User Preferences allows you to change various settings for GP.  You can set a default report destination, Entry key, Default Sales Document Type, reminders, Display, and additional options. 

Use Resource Descriptions under the GP tools.  The resource descriptions contain information by module or by window.  You will find the very helpful when creating reports or trying to determine the SQL name of the field.

May 30, 2012

Extender Fields

You can require an Extender Field to be completed or have a extender window automatically open when a specific field on the host window is entered.  All that needs to be done to click on the Options buttons when creating the extender window and you can define these requirements.

 Ever wanted to know what a certain field does? Put your cursor in the field and hit the F1 key for help. In the main GP system, there is a “fields” hyperlink up top that takes you to a definition of every field on the window. In some modules, there is no “fields” button, but field specifics are included in the main help window.

May 30, 2012

SmartList Run Faster

When you run open a smartlist by default it retrieves the first 1,000 records out of the database.  This can take some time in busy sites with lots of data.  There are two options on handling this issue – 1.  Change the default to a smaller number – this can be done by the System Administration by changing the record count under the Smartlist Options setup and 2. Recreate the smartlist only using the main tables in SmartList Builder. By applying one of these options it can cut down the runtime the smartlists.

October 4, 2012

Great New GP2013 Feature

In GP2010  users can discontinue inventory items and they can be sold but not bought.  This process allows companies to work through obsolete items.   In GP 2013 there has been a change made on the Inventory Card –now there is a check box to mark the item as inactive.  By checking the box the item inactive it will stop the purchase, process and sale of the item.

Exciting new feature - select a printer at the time of print in GP2013.  In the past users were limited to the default printer that had been previously selected by the Windows printer control panel. 

November 8, 2012

Purchase Order Prepayment

In GP2010 if you want to make a prepayment on a Purchase Order that feature is not possible. Now in GP 2013 when you generate the Purchase Order you can add the prepayment amount or deposit to it, and keep that link between them through receiving, matching and paying the Vendor.

In Dynamics GP2013, you will be able to reprint the vendor check stub or remittance form after the payment has been processed.  You can see invoices that were paid, credits that were applied and other information that displays on the check stub or remittance.

Using  CRM and GP with the connector should work fine.  Changes made on CRM will be reflected on GP and visa versa.  An issue could arise if an user attempts to create entries in CRM that already exist.  Be sure to have Duplicate Detection set up in CRM.  CRM and GP do not manage data in the same way and CRM allows the user to create a customer that already exists.