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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive, out of the box highly flexible and scalable, easy to use and adopt business solution. With the current economic climate, one where we are all being forced to do more with less, a business solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP can yield a marked, positive impact on any company, in virtually any industry.

Business Intelligence

Three top reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics GP to gain the BI advantage:

  • Find answers and trends. More visibility into your data means less time hunting for answers and the ability to make fast, informed decisions
  • Plan for success. Capitalize on trends and predict potential futures.
  • Improve agility. Implement new processes, monitor the results against statistical goals, and adapt business strategies.

Dynamics GP Reporting Videos

BI and Reporting

Business Alerts: Alerts that can be set up to automatically notify you and your employees about business changes via e-mail or through Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SmartLists: A querying tool that allows employees to instantly create sophisticated queries to find detailed information about customers, vendors, inventory items, and employee records, as well as general ledger accounts.

SmartList Builder: Lets employees build customized SmartLists that quickly link to Microsoft Dynamics GP and other data sources, and retrieve data according to defined criteria.

Executive Center Dashboard with Charts and KPIs: Displays and monitors key business metrics, in real time, on a single, intuitive screen.

Microsoft Office Excel Reports: Provides more than 220 built-in, refreshable reports that let business users work in the familiar Microsoft Office user interface.

Excel Report Builder: Lets employees easily create and customize reports from multiple data sources, using the formatting and presentation capabilities of Microsoft Office Excel®.

SQL Server Reporting Services: Expands report writing flexibility with more than 90 built-in Microsoft SQL Server® Reporting Services reports and a step-by-step wizard that makes it easy to deploy reports within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SQL Server Report Builder: Enables employees to easily create new reports or modify the chart, key performance indicator, and report formats that are included in Microsoft Dynamics GP, without having to go to a developer.

Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Analysis Cubes Library: Enables employees to analyze information from multiple angles and formats with a report creation wizard for easy report creation, including pivot tables.

SQL Add-Ins for Excel: Enables predictive modeling, without requiring you or your employees to learn complex data mining concepts or techniques.

PowerPivot: Delivers unmatched computational power by enabling users to analyze extremely large amounts of data within familiar applications.


Four Fantastic Benefits of managing your finances with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Provides comprehensive, flexible financial management functionality to meet your unique business needs
  • Reduces costs and streamlines operations with automated functionality
  • Helps improve control and security over your financial management
  • Connects people and processes, to increase efficiency and extend insight

Dynamics GP Financials Videos

Financial Modules:

Analytical Accounting: Analyze financial data by whatever criteria you require, introduce greater reporting flexibility and extensibility, and analyze transactions efficiently.

Audit Trails: Track and report on key business data or process changes across the system, including the ability to re-create transaction history, before-and-after information, User IDs, and date-time stamps.

Bank Reconciliation: Manage all of your bank-related activity through a single automated intersection, and gain unparalleled access to real-time, business-critical financial data.

Cash Flow Management: Improve cash flow with customizable information views and forecasting capabilities that enable you to monitor, predict, and manage inflows and outflows.

Collections Management: Improve your cash flow and reduce bad-debt expense with clear, customizable information views and automated bad-debt management tools.

Customer/Vendor Consolidations: Define relationships with vendors, and apply open debit and credit documents against each other to consolidate current balances.

Electronic Bank Reconcile: Automate the reconciliation of transactions and adjustments with downloaded bank data, using tools that work with any bank that supports automatic reconciliation.

Electronic Funds Transfer for Payables Management: Securely transmit an electronic file of your payables to the bank to automate your vendor payments, eliminate paper checks, and reduce fraud.

Electronic Funds Transfer for Receivables Management: Transfer sales batches with associated payments and automatically withdraw funds from your customers’ bank accounts to help guarantee payments and reduce manual entry.

Concur Expense: Enhance employee productivity and reduce processing costs with integration capabilities that streamline expense-management processes, eliminate paper receipts, and enable employees to create and submit reports at any time, from any location.

Fixed Asset Management: Improve financial management by creating, tracking, analyzing, depreciating, and retiring fixed assets to meet specific needs.

General Ledger: Sharply reduce the time and effort spent on key accounting tasks with comprehensive automation. Track and analyze your financial information the way that best suits your business, with tools and accounting structures that you design yourself to serve your needs. Intelligent accounting and analysis capabilities empower you to better manage your finances.

Grant Management: Automate many of your grant management processes, helping you to track grants more easily, demonstrate accountability, and attract future funding.

Intercompany: Manage single-use or recurring transactions between companies in your organization, with flexibility in defining intercompany relationships.

Lockbox Processing: Automatically import and apply customer payment information received from the bank lock-box file to your customer invoices.

Multicurrency Management: Do business on a global scale with complete management of multicurrency exchanges, as well as define as many currencies or rates as you need to do business.

Payables Management: Improve your expense control and vendor management with up-to-the-minute information and create effort-saving automation of many routine or complex tasks.

Receivables Management: Maintain tight control over accounts receivables with capabilities that help you track invoices, process receipts, and analyze customer activity, so that you can manage sales made on accounts more effectively and yet maintain lower overhead costs.

Refund Checks: Create debit memos automatically in Receivables Management and apply them to credit amounts for customers requiring refunds.

Revenue/Expense Deferrals: Automate the deferral of key revenues or expenses at the time of transaction entry to reduce repetitive and manual entry efforts in the future.

Safe Pay: Add positive-pay functionality to reduce fraud, including the daily exporting of checks for comparison by the bank when checks are presented for payment.


Three top reasons manufacturers choose Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Meets unique manufacturing requirements without added complexity. It easily adapts to your unique business needs, with quick deployment and minimal training time.
  • Reduces costs and streamlines operations. It enables you to communicate, share, and find information across your organization, between departments and multiple facilities.
  • Delivers better customer service. It helps you provide more accurate quotes to your customers and streamline cross your manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Modules

Manufacturing Order Processing: Track detailed production costs and manage work orders and the shop floor more efficiently.

Job Costing: Capture all costs when they occur and consolidate them in one location that’s easy to access and manage, giving you a comprehensive view of production profitability.

Materials Requirements Planning: Adjust procurement and production with greater precision, and ensure that supplies arrive when and where they are needed—helping reduce stock outages, drive down inventory costs, and streamline the production process.

Engineering Change Management: Collect, organize, and review changes to orders before they’re authorized. Adjust processes and components to accommodate new technologies and customer changes while maintaining efficiency and profitability.

Manufacturing Bill of Materials: Deliver complete, consistent, and current product information. Manage materials, components, and assemblies more precisely.

Sales Forecasting: Increase collaboration and bridge communication gaps to promote effective, efficient product delivery.

Quality Assurance: Ensure the product consistently meets or exceeds demanding customer requirements with tight control of quality-testing processes.

Sales Configurator: Define items manufactured by your business with the flexibility to include or exclude certain options based on customer specifications.

Capacity Requirements Planning: Establish and measure capacity, and compare capacity defined for your production floor to work completion goals.

Master Production Scheduling: Gather information from sales forecasts to form a single, comprehensive production.

Supply Chain Management

Three top BENEFITS that lead to a better supply chain:

  • Meets unique supply chain requirements without added complexity. It easily adapts to your unique business needs, with quick deployment and minimal training time.
  • Enhances communication and collaboration. It enables you to communicate, share, and find information across your organization.
  • Streamlines critical purchasing and receiving processes. It helps you eliminate supply chain bottlenecks, increase order accuracy, and reduce costs.

Dynamics GP Supply Chain Videos

Other potential benefits include the ability to:

• Identify emerging customer behavior.
• Better predict future market trends.
• Keep your inventory lean.
• Ensure your ability to meet demand.
• Make smarter buying decisions.
• Negotiate better terms with vendors and suppliers.
• Improve customer relationships.
· Decrease costs.

Supply Chain Management Modules

Sales and Receivables

Invoicing: Improves invoicing efficiency.
Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing: Streamlines and automates the sales ordering process.
Extended Pricing: Enables your sale teams to improve customer satisfaction with flexible pricing options.
Order Management: Gives sale teams and customers secure online access for reviewing sales information and placing orders.


Inventory Control: Controls inventory effectively by managing inventory on a site-by-site basis.
Advanced Distribution: Tailors distribution with built-in process workflow, providing a detailed means of tracking inventory information quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
Advanced Picking: Reduces handling and increases accuracy for single and multisite warehouse operations.
Available to Promise: Ensures the right inventory is available at the right time to meet customer needs.

Purchases and returns

Purchase Order Processing: Automates processes for purchasing and approval.
Landed Cost: Tracks costs of inventory items and automatically assigns or modifies costs on purchase orders.
PO Generator: Automates purchasing and generates suggested purchase orders.
Requisition Management: Enables online approval and transfer of requisitions to purchase order processing.
Returns Management: Automates returns processing and enables accurate sales invoices and returns.

HR & Payroll

THREE TOP REASONS to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP for integrated HRP administration:

  • Streamline HRP processes and procedures. It helps improve productivity and reduce human error by replacing manual data entry, tracking, and calculations with automated routine tasks.
  • Take control of complex HRP functions. It allows you to maintain precise control over financial and personnel resources.
  • Empower people to make confident decisions about payroll and benefit options. It enables quick and convenient transformation of data into useful information, to help your staff minimize risks and maximize productivity.

Dynamics GP HR & Payroll Videos

HRP Modules

Human Resources: Make fast, strategic decisions for attracting and retaining top talent, and offer employees better services and programs with customizable hiring processes, scheduling, and performance evaluation tools.

Advanced Human Resources: Extend payroll and HR capabilities with Benefit Lifecycle Manager; Certification, License, and Training Manager; and Employee Health and Wellness functionality.

Payroll: Automate payroll processing, equip staff to handle complex and changing payroll requirements, and offer better service to your employees while reducing necessary overhead costs.

Payroll Direct Deposit: Add payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings, or credit union accounts through an automated clearing house (ACH) file, with several accounts or financial institutions for any employee’s payroll.

Advanced Payroll: Extend payroll capabilities with Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor Reporting, and Payroll Hours to General Ledger functionality.

Time & Attendance: Enable employees to submit timecards, request time off, and review vacation and sick balances online. This module is part of the HRM Self Service Suite.

Employee Pay: Allows employees to view their paystubs online. This module is part of the HRM Self Service Suite.

Employee Profile: Give employees the ability to enter or update personal information. Managers can also view compensation history and pay codes, emergency contacts, and position history. This module is required to use any other application in the HRM Self Service Suite.
Recruitment: Empower employees to apply for internal job openings online and then view the status of their submitted applications. Managers can post job openings and view applications. This module is part of the HRM Self Service Suite.

Skills & Training: Equip employees and their managers with online views of role-specific education, skills, and training information, including a list of training available to your employees. This module is part of the HRM Self Service Suite.

Benefits Self-Service: Streamline the open enrollment process with the automated transfer of information to human resources and payroll. Eliminate paper-based systems, reduce data re-entry, and free staff to focus on higher priorities, like strategic management.
PTO Manager: Manage complex vacation and sick-time policies automatically. Reduce overhead costs by reducing paperwork and the time required by your payroll team to manage manual PTO record keeping.

Position Control: Manage labor budgets and human resources based upon specific job functions and a specific head count. Constraints are then applied throughout the HRP system to enforce the business rules and manage the movement of human resources throughout the organization.


TOP Five reasons to use Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP to gain business advantage:

  • Empower your people to securely access real-time reports inside or outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP, without requiring IT time and resources.
  • Get up and running quickly with rapid configuration and migration tools that help you apply best practices to your implementation.
  • Go beyond basic customization when needed, and add windows and fields—without a  developer.
  • Connect information sources: online storefronts, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, point-of-sale systems, legacy applications, and more.
  • Streamline IT management,  with integration and customization tools that reduce costs and keep IT resources focused on strategic initiatives.

Dynamics GP IT Systems Videos

Tools Information Access

Excel Report Builder: Lets employees easily create and customize reports using the formatting and presentation capabilities of Microsoft Office Excel.

SQL Server Reporting Services: Expands report writing flexibility with more than 90 built-in Microsoft SQL Server® Reporting Services reports and a step-by-step wizard that makes it easy to deploy reports within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Personalization, customization, and integration

Extensible Web Services and eConnect: Ties systems together with multiple integration points, reduces system complexity, and shortens developer time for lower integration, development, and
maintenance costs.

Modifier with VBA: Enables application customization with the ability to add custom fields or business logic to existing windows, or to remove default fields to streamline data entry.

Extender: Enables employees to create and link additional windows, without a developer, to save unique business information traditionally stored in Microsoft Office Excel or Access® database software—plus employees can easily launch ad hoc queries against the data using SmartLists.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Software Developer Kit: Helps IT create easily extended customizations and integrations.

Integration Manager: Easily automates the integration of external data across Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Management, security, and performance optimization

System Manager: Uses the familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office Outlook® messaging and collaboration client to help IT configure and manage systems quickly and easily.

Security Management: Controls access to data, applications, and tools
to provide a high level of protection for business systems.

Project Management & Field Service Management

FOUR TOP REASONS to use Microsoft Dynamics GP connect project activities:

  • Increase visibility and control of time and expense entries; project status and profitability; labor, equipment, and materials; and employee expenses.
  • Improve efficiency throughout your business with centralized access to information—on-site or at the office.
  • Increase cash flow and profitability through automatic integration with your billing system.
  • Improve customer invoice accuracy and automate processes to meet project-specific needs by tailoring billing options and invoice formats.

FOUR TOP REASONS to use Microsoft Dynamics GP to transform field service activities

  • Turn every service call into an opportunity for higher profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Administer contracts with greater accuracy and revenue opportunity for more accurate billing and compliance with service agreements.
  • Practice proactive maintenance: Use tracked details of preventive calls to forecast purchasing and scheduling requirements.
  • Manage returns more effectively: Easily track repair and return status, issue credits, and meet customer and vendor requirements for product and part returns—even generate required forms with a single click.


Project Accounting: Connect project activities with company financials; provide extensive reporting capabilities; help ensure accurate accounting and billing processes throughout project life cycles; and streamline time and expense management.

Project Time and Expense for Business Portal: Empower project team members and managers to effectively capture, review, and approve project time and expense data on the Web, enabling prompt, accurate customer invoicing and efficient reimbursement for out-of-pocket employee expenses.


Service Call Management: Enter customer service requests; dispatch technicians; and manage parts, labor, and miscellaneous charges. You also can bill customers for time and material services.

Contract Administration: Enter, set up, and maintain your quote and contract documents. If Contract Administration is integrated with Service Call Management, contract costs are updated from service calls and contract terms update service calls. Contract Administration also will send transactions to General Ledger for revenue recognition purposes.

Depot Management: Provides tracking and maintenance of in-house work performed for items belonging to a customer or to a servicing company.

Preventive Maintenance: Automatically generate service calls for preventive maintenance work with a minimum of user intervention. You also can use Preventive Maintenance to create a list of preventive maintenance requirements and track preventive maintenance history on generated, cancelled, and completed preventive maintenance requirements.

Returns Management: Enter, set up, and maintain your return materials authorization (RMA) and return to vendor (RTV) documents. If Returns Management is integrated with Service Call Management, an RMA is created automatically from a returnable parts line on a service call. If Returns Management is integrated with Sales Order Processing, you can select items directly from the historical Sales Order Processing invoice that was generated for a specific customer.

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